Sean Ardoin VEN release concert

Elebash Hall, New York Sept. 27th 2019


“I’m going to bring it” Sean Ardoin promisies of his upcoming show at New York City’s Elebash Hall. The fiery performer is aiming to knockout preconceptions in the first round. The Ardoin name is synonymous with Zydeco, but the Lake Charles based accordion player says “Kreole Rock and Soul more accurately explains my music, You are coming to see me and not a genre” 

Sean Ardoin’s VEN album 20 years as a solo artist.

Sean Ardoin’s VEN album 20 years as a solo artist.

His new album VEN released August 9th celebrates 20 years as a solo artist. It takes up where his the grammy nominated 2018 left off. He says “I reimagined songs from the past 20 years in the current vein of creativity known as Kreole Rock and Soul. This album fully realizes the vision I had for the music.” “When you hear my music, you hear a mix of zydeco, R+B, reggae, rap, and rock, all mixed up through my creole filter.”



In the 1920’s. Amédé Ardoin became the first artist to record the regional music of southwestern Louisianao. A blend of cajun and african american musics with french caribbean influences that, later became known as Zydeco. His songs were kept by Sean’s grandfather Alphonse "Bois Sec" Ardoin and father Lawrence. Growing up with this rich musical background has more lately presented the solo artist with a conundrum. “We tweeked the whole genre thing, zydeco music has been getting culture vultered and appropriated by so many different people. Its gotten so If you have heard zydeco before, you have not heard what i do.” 

Sean Ardoin playing at the 18 French Quarter Festival.

Sean Ardoin NYC concert will be presented by Livesounds: